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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Conclusion

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00:00 - Congratulations, you've reached the end of the course and you should now have a solid understanding of the workings of a CAN bus system.
00:07 All the way from low level electrical signalling, how data frames are constructed and bus wiring through to how and why CAN buses are used in performance automotive applications.
00:19 Most importantly though, you now have 2 step by step processes you can apply, enabling you to set up your own CAN bus communication system from scratch or locate and interpret important data on an existing CAN system within a vehicle.
00:32 Don't forget you own this course for life so if there are any aspects of the CAN bus system you're not super clear on, just revisit any module as many times as you want until you feel comfortable.
00:44 From here, you can now watch these processes being applied from start to finish on real projects in our worked examples library.
00:51 This will reinforce the lessons from the course and help solidify your understanding of how these processes are applied and CAN communication systems work as a whole.
01:01 This worked example library will be added to over time and even if the current projects shown don't specifically match your application, they're still a valuable resource to demonstrate how the knowledge you've gained from this course can be applied in the real world.
01:15 Working with CAN communication systems can be quite daunting at first, particularly if you're not coming from an automotive electrical background.
01:22 The skills taught in this course will take time and experience to become proficient in but the good news is that each project you undertake with CAN communication systems will make the next one much less daunting.
01:34 If you have any questions regarding the course then please feel free to ask them in our community forums and I'll be happy to answer them there.
01:42 And don't forget, at the bottom of every module there is a form that allows you to quickly create a forum post specifically about that module.
01:50 Asking your questions in our forum allows all of the members to participate in the conversation so that we can all learn from the discussion.
01:59 Thank you for learning with HPA.
02:01 We hope it's seriously broadened your capabilities and we really look forward to seeing what you create with the skills you've learned.

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