Wiring Fundamentals

The Wiring Fundamentals course will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully design and construct an EFI wiring harness, avoiding costly and damaging mistakes.

You will learn the basic electrical principles that govern how an EFI system functions and how to use these principles to design a robust power supply and grounding system, ensuring your EFI system is free of troublesome electrical gremlins, making the tuning process much easier. You will learn about the materials used to build EFI wiring harnesses for different applications, and how to determine which materials are right for your particular project. You will learn about the tools required for harness construction, where to source them without spending a fortune, and how to use these tools to get a professional and reliable result.

The concepts presented in this course are the fundamental core principles of EFI wiring harness design and construction, and are relevant regardless of whether you are wiring a long stroke, big cube LS, a turbocharged 6 cylinder 2JZ, or a high revving naturally aspirated 4 cylinder K20. No matter the EFI project, the information learned in this course will be 100% applicable to you.

This course is theory-based, and contains the knowledge and techniques we believe are essential foundations to anyone interested in building EFI wiring harnesses. Once you’ve completed this course we recommend our soon to be released Practical Wiring Harness Construction course which takes these principles and applies them in real EFI wiring harness construction examples that you can follow along.

What you will learn
  • How a relay works and why you need them
  • How to choose the correct gauge of wire
  • About trigger systems and how to wire them
  • The importance of grounding
  • Wiring ECU inputs and outputs
  • About voltage, current and resistance

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