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Wiring Fundamentals: Introduction

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00:00 - To build a tidy and reliable EFI wiring harness we do need to have access to some specialty tooling and the knowledge of how to use that tooling properly.
00:08 In this section of the course, we'll go through some practical demonstrations of the skills required and I'll share some of the tips and tricks I've discovered that make the job a little bit easier.
00:16 Luckily none of the tooling required at the modified street car or club day track car level is particularly expensive or hard to source.
00:23 In the wiring section of our online forum, we keep an updated list of recommended tooling and suppliers which is well worth perusing.
00:31 The flood of cheap tooling available from overseas can be extremely tempting and often it's absolutely fine, giving a reliable professional result.
00:39 Sometimes however its quality in both form and function can leave a lot to be desired.
00:45 We've trialled much of the available cheap tooling to build a list of what we find works and where you can source it for a reasonable price.
00:52 Once you reach the professional motorsport wiring harness level however there is absolutely no substitute for the manufacturer specified tooling.
01:00 The price of which can be a real shock.
01:03 We cover this tooling in our advanced motorsports wiring course.
01:06 As this course is primarily a theory course on the electrical fundamentals, we don't go through a complete wiring harness construction from scratch.
01:14 But the physical processes we discuss and show you here, form important primer knowledge to follow on to our practical wiring harness construction course.

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