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Wiring Fundamentals: Circuits

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Adaptronic has closed (sold to Haltech which then sold to Race Winning Brands) and Andy's Grounding Article has gone with it. However, hopefully this 'Wayback Machine' link works for the moment instead: https://web.archive.org/web/20220327233552/https://adaptronicecu.com/blogs/modular-instructional-videos/ecu-grounding-tips

00:00 - As discussed in the electrical fundamentals section of the course, electrical current flows in a circuit.
00:05 Like all good circuits there is a start, finish line which is a device that is providing the voltage causing the current to flow.
00:13 Now that we've learned how to design the power supply part of our wiring harness, that is connect the start, finish line to the different parts of our EFI system that require power, this section of the course will focus on how to close the circuit and connect the parts of our EFI system back to the other side of the start, finish line.
00:31 This is called grounding and it's essential that it's carried out properly for the system to function as intended.
00:36 By a large margin, the most common wiring harness problems encountered centre around grounding.
00:41 This is because on the surface, grounding seems relatively simple, but once looked at in detail, becomes quite complex.
00:48 Much like fusing, an improperly executed grounding scheme can seem to work fine on the bench or when the wiring harness is initially installed in the vehicle, but can cause serious problems down the track if the vehicle is modified, a connection is forgotten, vibrates loose, or deteriorates due to corrosion.
01:05 By following a couple of simple rules and analysing the system, we can avoid these issues though and ensure our wiring harness will always remain properly grounded.
01:13 Andy Wyatt from Electronic Engine Management put together the best explanation I've found of the grounding requirements of an aftermarket performance EFI system.
01:22 I've drawn from his article for the explanations in the following sections, but I strongly suggest you also read his article which we've provided a link to below.

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