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Wiring Fundamentals: Body Grounds

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Body Grounds


00:00 - Now that we have established a firm rule for where to connect our power ground wires to, we're immediately going to break that rule for the sake of convenience.
00:08 In the same way that the engine block is so large and thick that we can consider it as a single electrical point, if the vehicle we're building a wiring harness for has a metal body, we can make a similar assumption and also use the body of the vehicle as the star earthing point, as long as we are very careful about how we connect these two star earthing points to one another.
00:26 What we need to make sure of is that there is only one connection between the body of the vehicle, and the engine block.
00:32 I.e. we never ground a part of the EFI system to both the engine block and the body of the vehicle.
00:38 We accomplish this by installing a substantial power cable, commonly called an earth strap, between the engine block and the vehicle body, ensuring it makes excellent electrical contact and cannot vibrate loose.
00:49 We cannot rely on the engine mounting to provide this electrical connection as engine mounts are often rubber isolated to reduce vibrations, but this also electrically isolates them.
01:00 Any part of the EFI system that requires a power ground is either grounded to the body of the vehicle or the engine block but never both at the same time.

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