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Wiring Fundamentals: Why is Wiring Important?

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Why is Wiring Important?


00:00 - In days gone past when carburettors were king, automotive wiring was not a primary concern.
00:06 A slightly shoddy job may still allow a car to run and perform well, as the engine was an almost solely mechanical device.
00:12 However with the almost universal adoption of electronics to control fuel delivery and ignition timing, the number of wires required and their importance to the running of the engine has dramatically increased.
00:23 Electronic control modules are now fundamental to the correct running of an engine.
00:29 And they rely on signals read from sensors to be accurate and precise so they can generate commands to actuators to deliver fuel and spark in the correct quantity at the correct time.
00:39 These signals and commands physically get from one place to another via the wires within a wiring harness.
00:45 So the integrity and construction of this wiring harness is critical to a correctly running engine.
00:51 The wiring harness can be referred to as a physical layer of the electronics package installed in the vehicle.
00:56 It's the foundation on which the rest of the configuration and tuning is built.
01:00 If there's a problem with this foundation, no amount of time behind a laptop modifying settings will be able to achieve a successful outcome.
01:07 I have lost count of the number of cars I've seen and the hours consumed troubleshooting configuration and tuning issues that turned out to be a problem with the wiring harness.
01:17 Completing this course will give you the knowledge to avoid common mistakes along with a solid understanding of automotive electrical fundamentals, allowing you to spot possible pitfalls and bridge them before they become an issue.

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