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Wiring Fundamentals: Fuses

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00:00 - If something goes wrong with our EFI system, it's possible that a direct connection between battery positive and ground may be created.
00:07 This is called a short circuit and it's a very dangerous situation as the low resistance of the short circuit will cause a large current to flow.
00:15 This large current creates a lot of heat, melting electrical components and wiring, and possibly leading to a catastrophic fire.
00:23 This is obviously a situation we want to avoid and we do this by using fuses.
00:28 A fuse is a sacrificial component we put in a circuit to absorb the heat of this large current and melt in a controlled fashion.
00:35 This breaks a circuit, stopping the current from flowing and causing further damage.
00:40 While it is possible to build an EFI wiring harness that will function perfectly well without fuses, it is a sign of truely shoddy work.
00:48 We can be absolutely sure our wiring harness will function as we intended when it's still on the bench, or even when it's first installed in the car.
00:55 But once the vehicle's back out in the world we have no control over who may work on it in the future, how it may be modified, or even the conditions it will be driven in.
01:05 For this reason, the safety factor fuses give us is completely critical and they should always be used.

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