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Practical Engine Building: Step 5: Parts Balancing

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Step 5: Parts Balancing


00:00 - While many engine builders will choose to leave the balancing work to their engine machinist, some of the balancing tasks are actually not beyond the scope of the enthusiast and will simply require a quality set of precision scales, a power file or die grinder, and a conrod balancing fixture if you wish to balance your own conrods.
00:19 Balancing the actual crankshaft requires an expensive specialist machine, so this needs to be left to your machine shop.
00:27 If you want to perform this work, then you will need to purchase a set of digital scales that can support approximately two kilograms, and read down to a 10th of a gram, or 0.1 grams.
00:39 It's possible to purchase scales that can measure down to 100th of a gram, or even more, but it isn't strictly necessary for the sort of precision we'll be aiming for.
00:50 At this point you can reference back to the practical engine building skills section of the course, where the specifics on balancing the engine components is covered in detail.

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