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Practical Standalone Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 The next step in the process is to configure our tables for fuel and ignition prior to start-up.
00:05 This is one area I see a lot of novice tuners go wrong, and I'll show you just how simple and easy it is to do properly.
00:12 You also need to understand that this is only a basic configuration to get the engine running.
00:17 There is every chance that once you start tuning, you may find that you want to adjust the base tables to suit what you find on the dyno.
00:24 This isn't a problem, and I'll often add extra cell sites later.
00:28 What we want to do here is get a basic setup to get us going.
00:32 One of the most common mistakes is to add too many sites to the maps.
00:36 All modern ECUs will interpolate between the different fuel and ignition cells, so it really isn't necessary to have sites every 100 RPM.
00:45 All this does is makes the job of tuning the engine take longer, without actually improving the accuracy of the tune.
00:52 We will deal with the fuel and ignition tables separately to avoid confusion.

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