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Practical Standalone Tuning: ECU Configuration

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ECU Configuration


00:00 Most standalone ECUs are designed to run a wide range of engine configurations.
00:04 This means one of our first jobs is to tell the ECU what engine we want it to control.
00:10 In this example, the M150 ECU we are tuning is specifically designed to run only they Toyota 86 engine, so these parameters we'd usually configure are locked.
00:21 To give you a better idea of how a conventional standalone ECU would need to be set up, we're going to have a look at the Motec ECU manager software for the 100 series ECUs.
00:32 If we open a file and go to the general setup menu, we can see there is a parameter for the number of cylinders.
00:38 Motec allow you to enter a positive number for 4-stroke piston engines, or negative numbers to indicate a rotary engine.
00:45 If we go back into the general setup menu, there is also an option which allows the firing order to be set.
00:52 This is critical on some ECUs as it will define the order in which the injectors and ignition drives are activated.
01:00 Along with this basic configuration, we'll also need to define the trigger input that the ECU will expect to see.
01:07 This lets the ECU decode the engine RPM and engine position.
01:11 Since this is one of the most critical aspects to configure, we'll deal with this in a separate module.
01:17 While we're doing this basic configuration, I also like to set a sensible RPM limit and a boost limit if we have a turbo or super-charged engine.
01:27 Let's jump back to the M150 software and we can move to the initial setup worksheet and then the engine speed limits page.
01:35 You can see here there are a number of RPM limits that can be configured for different states.
01:40 The main RPM limit, though, is called "engine speed limit maximum" and if we click on this, we can see it is set to 7,800 RPM.
01:49 The M150 has 2 adjustable RPM limits that can be selected using a driver switch.
01:55 These are the A and B settings we can see here.
01:59 We're going to leave the RPM limit set as it is and we can move on to the input setup and testing.

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