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Practical Standalone Tuning: Full Power Tuning

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Full Power Tuning


00:00 Just like what we've done with the cruise mixtures, checking the full power tune on the road or track allows us to confirm that everything we saw on the dyno is accurate and our tune's safe.
00:10 This can be dangerous, particularly in a high powered car so I recommend doing this on a closed road or racetrack where you don't need to worry about other cars or pedestrians.
00:20 Testing the tune under full load will also mean exceeding normal, public road speed limits.
00:26 Generally, I'll perform a full powered test in third or fourth gear.
00:30 So that we can get a full picture of what the engine is doing, I'll start at around 2,000 RPM and run the car to the engine red line.
00:38 Basically this replicates the ramp runs we just did on the dyno.
00:43 You'll want to be watching the air/fuel ratio during the run as well as listening carefully for any knock.
00:49 It's not safe to try doing this while watching a laptop and I suggest using datalogging to help full power tuning, which we'll look at in the next module.
00:58 If we've done out job correctly on the dyno, we should find the tune is perfect, or very close to it.
01:04 You might need to adjust the fuel map or ignition map though if there is any discrepancy.

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