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Practical Standalone Tuning: Ignition Configuration and Testing

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Ignition Configuration and Testing


00:00 As with the fuel system, the correct configuration for the ignition system is going to depend on your engine.
00:06 Options include direct spark, waste spark and distributor.
00:10 Since the M150 uses a fixed configuration for the Toyota FA20 ignition system, there's no adjustment here.
00:18 So we'll look at these settings on Motec's Hundred Series ECU Manager.
00:22 If we go to the ignition setup menu, we first have the ignition type which defines if the ignition output is a falling-edge trigger or rising-edge trigger.
00:32 Most ignition systems use a falling-edge trigger, but there are exceptions including Honda, Ford, and some MSD systems.
00:41 Getting this wrong can damage your coils.
00:43 So if you are unsure, check with your ECU manufacturer.
00:47 Next we have the number of coils which defines how the ECU will control the coils.
00:52 For example, if the number of coils is the same as the number of cylinders, they'll be fired in a direct spark configuration.
01:00 If one coil is used, this indicates a distributor ignition system.
01:05 Each ECU is different, but these two parameters are the most critical in setting up your ignition system.
01:12 We're now going to use the test mode to test the ignition system in the same way that we tested the fuel injectors.
01:17 This can be done by selecting each ignition output and confirming the coil is producing spark.
01:23 You can do this by physically removing the coil, and connecting it to a spark plug that is earthed to the engine block.
01:30 You can usually do this test though without removing the coils as they'll make a slight ticking noise with each spark.
01:36 Again we can confirm the coils are wired correctly by unplugging them.
01:42 If your engine has a distributor rather than a coil pack, you won't be able to test the ignition system properly without the engine running.
01:49 You can connect the coil lead to a spark plug though, and prove that it is generating spark.
01:56 So by the end of this module, you should be able to configure your ECU to suit a particular engine, set up and test the inputs and outputs, and set up and test the injector and ignition outputs.

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