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Practical Standalone Tuning: Output Setup and Testing

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Output Setup and Testing


00:00 Once we have configured and tested all the inputs to the ECU, we want to go through the same process with any outputs we are using.
00:07 The outputs you use will depend on the engine and how complicated your ECU installation is.
00:12 These could include drives for fuel pumps, cam control solenoids, idle speed control solenoids, or gear shift lights.
00:20 It can be really frustrating getting to the dyno only to find that a critical output isn't working.
00:25 This wastes time and money while you have to fix the problem before you can continue tuning.
00:31 To show you how the process works, we are going to check the operation of the engine fan.
00:36 If we go to the All Calibrate menu and type Toyota fan, we can see all the settings for the cooling fans.
00:43 In this installation, there are two fans controlled by separate relays, and the setup for these relays can be configured here.
00:51 You can see the output resources assigned to each fan relay.
00:55 We also have temp thresholds for low, medium, and high-speed operation.
01:01 In this case, the easiest way to test the fans is to set the operation temperature below the current engine temp.
01:07 The fans should then switch on at the appropriate speed.
01:11 One point with cooling fans is to make sure that the fan is spinning the correct way.
01:16 It's easy to have these wired the wrong way and they won't help cool the engine.
01:21 Testing any other outputs can be completed in a similar way.
01:25 Often with a simple switch to output like a cam control solenoid or an idle speed solenoid, it can be easy to test these by supplying them with a low-frequency pulse-width modulated signal.
01:37 This way, you'll be able to hear the output buzzing in the engine bay.
01:41 If you want to check which output is active, you can unplug it and the buzzing will stop.