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Practical Standalone Tuning: Advanced Tuning Topics - Link ECU Webinar Lessons

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Advanced Tuning Topics - Link ECU Webinar Lessons


While many of these lessons use the G4+ platform, the concepts still apply to G4X and in many cases are 100% directly transferable (remembering G4X is based on the G4 platform rather than a blank sheet overhaul).

334 | Link G4X Introduction

040 | Setting up auxiliary inputs on the Link G4+ ECU

171 | Configuring the Ultimate RPM Limiter With Link G4+

011 | Master Injector Pulsewidth - Fuel Table Resolution

049 | Setting Up Knock Control - Link G4+/ViPEC

086 | Closed Loop Fuel Control Link G4+

036 | Features that can protect your engine with the Link G4 Plus

101 | Idle Speed Control Tuning Link G4+

059 | Setting base fuel pressure - Link G4+ Fury

051 | How to tune Cold Start - Link G4+/ViPEC

030 | What is a Short Pulse Width Adder? Link G4 Plus

045 | Setup and Tune Open Loop Boost Control - Link G4+/ViPEC

047 | Staged Injection - Link G4+/ViPEC

087 | Injector Dead Time 101 - Link G4+

070 | Electronic boost control - Link G4+ ECU

094 | Tuning for Nitrous Oxide

075 | Charge Temperature Compensation - Link G4+

163 | TPS + MAP Tuning for Turbo and ITB - Alpha N

052 | Retuning to suit different injectors - Link G4+

077 | Flex Fuel Tuning - Link G4+

029 | How to Tune the Fuel Charge Cooling Coefficient in a Link G4+

027 | How to setup Idle Ignition Control - Link / ViPEC

061 | Optimising Injection Timing

023 | Continuously Variable Cam Control Link G4 Plus

093 | Setting Up Flat Shift

068 | Individual Cylinder Fuel Tuning - 4 Channel EGT

067 | Effect of AFR and Ignition Timing on EGT

131 | Tuning Open Loop Boost Control - Link G4+

150 | Tuning for Economy vs Performance

020 | Understanding Link G4 E-Throttle Control

082 | Quick Tune - Link G4+

004 | 4D Tuning Link G4 Plus

038 | Configuring and tuning acceleration enrichment on a Link G4+

093 | Setting Up Flat Shift

Rotary Engine Tuning

043 | Rotary Ignition Tuning - Link G4+/ViPEC

062 | Fuel tuning rotary - Link G4+

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00:00 - While this worked example has covered the basic and fundamental tuning functions that you're going to be needing to use on every engine you tune, we do cover a lot of the more advanced topics and you can search for those in the member's webinar.
00:14 If you check below, there's a link to some of the common webinars that you may find useful.

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