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Practical Standalone Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - In this worked example we're going to be looking at the HPA 10 step tuning process being applied to the tuning on a Syvecs S8 Plug and Play ECU kit for the Mach 6 Volkswagon Golf.
00:11 Now the Golf that we've got here on our Mainline dyno is fitted with a two litre TFSI engine, which is a gasoline direct injected turbo engine.
00:20 For the purposes of our worked example though, we will be ignoring the fact that it is a direct injected engine and we're going to be really treating it the same as a port injected engine.
00:31 This does mean that we're going to be ignoring some of the intricacies of direct injection, such as the injection timing control, as well as the control of the high pressure fuel.
00:41 This particular car is modified for endurance racing here in New Zealand, however the engine itself is relatively standard, simply being fitted with a freer flowing intake and exhaust system.
00:53 It is also important to note that the fuel that we will be tuning on is a 30% mix of ethanol.
01:01 Let's move on now and we'll get started with the first step of our tuning process.

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