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Practical Standalone Tuning: Conclusion

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00:01 - So you've made it to the end of our practical EFI tuning course and by now you should have a perfectly tuned car that performs better in every way than what most professional tuner will provide.
00:11 More importantly though you now have a 10 step process that you can apply to any tuning job to get the right results.
00:19 I expect you will still have questions that crop up when you're applying these lessons, and I'm happy to answer them.
00:25 Just ask them in the pro tuner forums on our website where you'll find a section devoted to this course.
00:32 Asking them there will mean everyone can benefit from the questions and we can all learn.
00:37 If this course has left you hungry for more tuning knowledge, remember that our EFU fundamentals course does cover the theory behind EFI systems in a lot more detail and it's a great complement to this course.
00:51 Also make sure to check our archive of webinars In the pro tuner section of our website.
00:57 There is some great information in there to help expand your tuning knowledge.
01:01 Lastly I want to thank you for purchasing this course and I hope you've got some really valuable information out of it that you can apply each time you have a tuning project.
01:11 Look out for more courses from the High Performance Academy in the near future.

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