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Practical Standalone Tuning: Disclaimer

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00:00 - Before we go any further, we need to talk about the risks involved with high performance engine tuning.
00:06 The process I'm going to outline has been built from my own experience of tuning literally thousands of engines over the last 15 years.
00:15 While the techniques I will teach are the safest and most thorough way to tune an engine, there is still a risk that engine damage may occur, particularly while you're still mastering the skills.
00:26 I'll also discuss the techniques I use for confirming your tune on the road or track.
00:32 Road tuning requires you to drive the car while watching a wideband meter and potentially the laptop screen as well.
00:38 This may be illegal to do on the road in your part of the world.
00:43 To properly test some vehicles, you may also need to exceed normal road going speed limits.
00:49 Lastly it also requires a level of concentration that may affect your ability to control your car properly.
00:56 If you lose control of your vehicle you may be hurt or killed.
01:00 For these reasons I suggest that when you are road tuning, you hire a closed road or racetrack for your safety and the safety of others.
01:09 To help you focus on tuning, you can use a buddy to do the driving.
01:13 This way you can focus on the tuning changes, without worrying about keeping the car on the road.
01:19 If you're not comfortable with these techniques, or don't think this course is for you, let us know and we'll give you a full refund of the purchase price.
01:27 We don't want you to put yourself or others at risk if you don't feel 100% comfortable.

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