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Practical Standalone Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 Now that we have the fuel and ignition tables optimized in steady state, it's time to look at the full power tuning.
00:06 To do this, we're going to change the way we use the dyno and perform ramp runs instead of holding the engine at a fixed RPM.
00:12 This replicates how the car will actually be driven on the road.
00:17 Tuning the full power part of the map is the fun bit.
00:19 We actually get to see some numbers on the dyno that make all of the work seem worthwhile.
00:25 This is also the part that novice tuners are most scared of because it seems like this is the time when things can quickly go wrong.
00:33 In this module, we'll look at a systematic approach to full power tuning that will let you get your tune dialled in perfectly without risking your engine.

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