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Practical Standalone Tuning: Step 2: Trigger Setup

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Step 2: Trigger Setup


00:00 - Our next step in the HPA 10 step process is the trigger setup.
00:05 Again because this is so closely tied into the Toyota 86, the ECU here we've got is actually locked into the Toyota FA20 engine.
00:14 We can't set up the triggering for any other engines.
00:18 So basically we don't need to touch that.
00:20 Motec have down all the hard work for us, and the ECU comes to us ready to plug in.
00:25 It's going to accept all of the inputs from the factory Toyota trigger system.
00:30 It's going to give the correct triggering information, the correct RPM signals, and basically the ECU's already going to know exactly what to expect.
00:37 So that takes out for us in this particular case, what is probably one of the more fiddly and time consuming jobs.
00:45 It's so important to make sure that that information is coming through right, because if the ECU isn't receiving the correct RPM, and engine position information, that's what all of its calculations are based on.
00:57 So your fuelling and your ignition timing aren't going to be right, and basically you're not going to be able to tune the engine.