Introduction to Engine Tuning

Introduction to Engine Tuning


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This course aims answers the common questions you’ll have if you’re selecting an ECU your car, getting it professionally tuned or you’re considering tuning yourself. There’s also a lot to learn so that you can make informed decisions, get the best results from your modifications, and avoid expensive mistakes. Regardless whether your intending to take your car to a professional tuner, or your considering learning how to tune yourself, this course will help you understand the EFI system and the available options.

You’ll learn how to make tuning changes, what options are available to make these changes, and how to decide on the best option for your particular project. This will ensure you get the results you want, the features you need, and most importantly it will help you avoid making expensive mistakes by choosing a product that doesn’t meet your needs.

In particular you’ll learn:

  • What is Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)?
  • Why you need to make tuning changes to your engine 
  • What tuning options are available for your car? 
  • What is best - A standalone ECU or Reflashing your stock ECU? 
  • What’s better - Road tuning or Dyno tuning?
  • What is a dyno and how does it work? 
  • Understanding your dyno sheet ⁃What do you need to tune your engine?
  • What is knock? 
  • Should you consider tuning your own car? 

It doesn't matter what make and model car you have or are looking at tuning, this course will be applicable. 

The pathway to becoming a tuner This course is an introductory course and assumes no prior knowledge of EFI systems. A basic understanding of engine operation is helpful but not essential.

NOTE: This course is an introduction to EFI Tuning and does not cover how to tune your car. If you want to learn how to tune, we recommend the HPA Starter Package.

What you will learn
  • What EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) is?
  • Why you should tune your engine
  • How to choose the best tuning option
  • How Road tuning and Dyno tuning differ
  • Tuning essentials every enthusiast should know
  • The path to follow to learn to tune yourself
  • How to make right decisions for your project and budget.

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Course Curriculum

  • What is this course all about? 02.25
  • What is HPA? 02.48
  • What is EFI? 05.04
  • Why tune in the first place? 04.22
  • There is no one universal option 02.26
  • How to choose a tuning option 06.47
  • What’s The Best Brand of ECU? 04.22
  • Reflashing Explained 06.09
  • What is better - Dyno Tuning or Road Tuning? 03.42
  • E-Tunes vs Live tune 03.47
  • Things that affect your tune after you've tuned it 02.54
  • What is a Dyno? 04.58
  • Using a dyno to tune your engine 03.38
  • Dyno numbers - Don't believe the hype 04.14
  • Not all dynos are created equal 02.07
  • Power correction 03.40
  • Dangers of dyno tuning 04.24
  • What you need to tune 05.22
  • Turbo vs N/A Tuning 03.48
  • Rotary vs Piston tuning 04.16
  • Direct Injection Tuning 04.01
  • Diesel Tuning 00.26
  • What is knock? 04.32
  • Knock Detection 03.03
  • How to listen for knock? 02.16
  • Octane and fuel 03.17
  • Should I be looking to tune my own car? 03.54
  • It’s not magic 01.07
  • Pathway to becoming a professional tuner 02.51
  • How to use HPA 11.42
  • Request Certification 00.06

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