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Introduction to Engine Tuning: Pathway to becoming a professional tuner

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Pathway to becoming a professional tuner


00:00 - If you're considering taking tuning a little further than just your own car and maybe considering a career as a professional tuner then it can be a daunting prospect breaking into the market.
00:12 Where do you start? Who do you approach? And what qualifications do you need? The tuning industry, as we've already discussed is a little unique in so much as there is no formal qualification that makes you an engine tuner.
00:26 If you want to pursue tuning as a career path, then it's going to be up to you, initially, to put together the skills required to tune engines.
00:35 And then refine them so that when you approach a prospective employer you're already ahead of your competition and have some runs, on the board, so to speak.
00:46 While being an engine tuner doesn't necessarily require you to also be a mechanic or an auto electrician.
00:52 It's gonna be beneficial if you have a solid understanding of the mechanical aspects of engine operation and electrical fundamentals of the EFI system.
01:03 This is because engine tuning isn't all about sitting in the drivers seat with a laptop.
01:09 And often we're going to need to diagnose and fix mechanical or electrical problems.
01:15 This is where your mechanical, electrical, and problem solving skills come into play.
01:20 In the tuning industry, reputation and proven results say a lot about your ability.
01:26 So it's smart to begin working on your own car, so that you have something to show a prospective employer.
01:32 If you're interested in competing in motor sport events.
01:35 This is the ideal platform to refine and showcase these skills.
01:40 And if your car has always seemed to perform well, this will help bolster your reputation.
01:46 It's also important to understand that in most cases, you're not going to instantly land your dream job and jump straight on the dyno.
01:54 Set some realistic expectations and be prepared to start at the bottom, sweeping the dyno bay, and stripping cars down on the dyno.
02:02 From here you can start moving up the ranks and proving your worth.
02:07 Of course the first step, of actually learning how to tune is going to be the place we need to focus most of your energy on, initially.
02:16 In order to become a competent and confident tuner, you're going to need a thorough understanding of engine operation, how the EFI system works, and how to correctly optimise the fuel and ignition timing.
02:29 You also will need to know how to apply these changes on the dyno or out on the road.
02:35 And this is where HPA can help you out.
02:37 In the next section, we'll cover what High Performance Academy offers.
02:42 And how to get the most out of our courses as well as our online resources.

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