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Introduction to Engine Tuning: What is HPA?

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What is HPA?


00:00 - We've been in the performance engine tuning industry for the last 15 years and it's fair to say we've seen it all, both good and bad.
00:09 Over this time we owned and ran a world class performance workshop located right here in New Zealand.
00:16 And while we tuned everything from road cars to rally cars, drift cars to jet boats, and even the odd private plane, my real passion was drag racing.
00:28 Drag racing to me is the ultimate expression for an engine builder and an engine tuner.
00:34 It's easy to fudge a dyno sheet, which we'll talk about later, but the ET and mile per hour at the drag strip don't lie.
00:43 Our own shop car, Docile, was a 1,200 plus horsepower Mitsubishi EVO 3 that held the world record for Mitsubishi EVO's back when we retired it with an 8.23 at 180 mile per hour.
00:59 We also built and tuned an EVO 9 that held the late model four wheel drive EVO world record for several years with a best of 8.34 at 170 mile an hour.
01:11 I love working in this industry and the challenge of optimising the tuning on an engine is a unique and exciting task.
01:19 The best part about this industry is that there's always something new to learn so it's perfect for those with an inquisitive mind and those who are always striving for perfection.
01:31 Unfortunately the industry is also largely unregulated and anyone with enough money to buy a dyno or even just rent dyno time can set themselves up as a professional tuner.
01:44 This has given our industry a chequered reputation with many of these tuners not understanding even the basics of engine tuning.
01:53 The results might vary from a car that drives horribly, or uses excessive amounts of fuel, through to complete destruction of your expensive engine.
02:03 The result of this has been an industry that is shrouded in secrecy.
02:08 Many tuners would like you to think that engine tuning is some kind of black magic that can't be learnt.
02:15 You're either born with some kind of God given gift and can become an engine tuner, or you're not.
02:22 HPA was founded to break down these barriers, eliminate the smoke and mirrors, and show that engine tuning is simply a science that you can learn and we can teach.
02:33 I'll talk a little more about how HPA can help you learn and master the skills of engine tuning at the end of this course but for now let's visit some of the basics.

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