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Introduction to Engine Tuning: What is this course all about?

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What is this course all about?


00:00 - If you've got a love of fast cars, you're into motor sport, or you're considering a career in the engine tuning or performance aftermarket industry, then understanding the basics of engine tuning is essential.
00:14 Regardless whether you're planning to get your hands dirty and actually do some tuning work on your own car, or you're working on a project car in the garage, a basic understanding of engine tuning will lead you to a better job, achieve better results, and avoid some expensive pitfalls.
00:33 Even if you're planning to take your car to a professional tuner once you've finished building it, this course is going to help you find the right tuner, as well as the right tuning option to get the best results from your budget.
00:47 Over the time that High Performance Academy has been in business, we continually hear many of the same questions from automotive enthusiasts all around the world.
00:58 I know the industry can be confusing, and the prevalence of internet forums these days can be a mixed blessing often serving to make matters worse.
01:08 This course is here to provide accurate answers to the common questions we hear such as, what software should I use to tune my car? Or what ECU is the best for me? Taking this course is going to help you make the right decisions for your particular project.
01:27 At the same time, we know many enthusiasts are interested in jumping in a little further and perhaps tuning their own car, or maybe even contemplating a career in the tuning industry.
01:40 Again, this course will give you the information you need to make some educated decisions.
01:46 You'll be able to decide if learning how to tune EFI is right for you, and if you want to go ahead, I will show you how High Performance Academy can help you out.
01:56 This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in automotive performance, and it doesn't matter what your previous knowledge level or experience is.
02:06 It doesn't matter whether you're into piston or rotary engines, or whether you are using a standalone aftermarket ECU or reflashing the ECU that came with your car.
02:18 This course will cover it all.
02:20 So let's get started.

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