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Introduction to Engine Tuning: How to use HPA

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How to use HPA


00:00 - If you've made it this far, you're obviously motivated to learn more about EFI Tuning.
00:06 We find that those interested in learning to tune broadly fit into three categories: Those looking to tune for a profession, those wanting to tune their own car at home, and those who just want a more thorough understanding of what happens when they take their car to a professional for tuning work.
00:24 No matter which category you fall into, we have courses that are perfectly suited to you.
00:31 In this section, I'll offer you some guidance and recommend the right path to take, and I'll explain how HPA can help you learn how to tune like a pro.
00:42 Our courses are split up into theory and practical.
00:46 In the theoretical courses, we discuss the operating principles of the engine, and the EFI system, as well as what we're trying to achieve by adjusting the fuel and ignition delivery to the engine.
00:59 This lets you understand the why behind tuning, and this is what separates an average tuner from a great tuner.
01:08 Once you've got a good understanding of the theory, you'll want to move on to actually applying this knowledge and making some tuning changes.
01:17 Our practical courses do exactly this.
01:21 You'll be able to watch the entire tuning process being performed, and you'll be able to see the tuning changes being made on the laptop screen, as well as the results on the dyno.
01:33 Our practical tuning courses cover both stand-alone engine management systems, as well as reflashing of a factory ECU, and we demonstrate how to apply tuning changes to both of these platforms on the road, as well as on the dyno.
01:50 If you want to build up your tuning knowledge, as your funds allow, I'd suggest starting with our EFI Tuning Fundamentals course.
01:58 This course will teach you the fundamentals of both engine operation and the EFI system, and will provide you with a solid understanding that many professional tuners still don't have.
02:11 Beyond this, I'd also recommend our Understanding AFR course, as this will let you understand how the air-fuel ratio we choose affects the way the engine runs.
02:23 This course will provide you with safe air-fuel ratios to begin tuning from, and then teach you how to test and find the correct air-fuel ratio for your particular engine.
02:36 Next, we move into our practical courses where you will learn how to configure the ECU, get the engine running for the first time, and how to go about optimising the fuel and ignition timing.
02:50 More importantly, our practical courses present a step-by-step approach to tuning that will ensure you get the best results possible, and don't overlook any critical steps.
03:03 Our practical courses cover applying the tuning process on both the road and the dyno, so we have you covered regardless where you plan to perform your tuning.
03:14 The practical courses are separated into stand-alone engine management and reflashing, so you can select the course that's most relevant to you.
03:24 Completing the EFI Tuning Fundamentals, Understanding AFR, and either the practical reflash tuning or practical stand-alone tuning courses will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to start tuning.
03:41 We're dedicated to improving your tuning knowledge, and our experience has shown that, even after going through the training videos, you'll still have questions and a thirst for more knowledge.
03:53 For this reason, we've developed HPA Gold membership.
03:57 Gold membership gets you exclusive access to a forum and live webinar lessons every week.
04:05 The members-only forum is the perfect place to get direct answers to your specific tuning questions.
04:13 You're able to benefit from the experience of professional tuners and tuning enthusiasts from all around the world as well as directly from myself.
04:23 As a Gold member, you'll also get access to our regular live tuning webinar lessons where we cover specific tuning topics in detail.
04:33 If you can join us live, you'll get to ask questions, and get answers in real time during the lesson.
04:40 We have members all around the world, and if the timezones don't work for you, you can re-watch the webinar lessons in our archive, along with an extensive back catalogue of existing webinar content.
04:54 These webinars are one of the best resources available to expand your tuning knowledge.
05:00 You'll get to see a huge range of tuning functions being demonstrated, and stay ahead of the latest technologies and tuning techniques.
05:10 Each course comes with a free period of Gold membership to get you started and you can extend this if you want to.
05:17 If you don't, that's fine too, and your course material will still be accessible.
05:23 You can purchase this courses individually, or you can buy them bundled together in the HPA Starter Package.
05:31 Purchasing the Starter Package gives you a healthy bonus of 24-months Gold membership.
05:38 We understand that buying education can be tricky.
05:42 For example, getting a course that covers things you already know or is way over your head.
05:48 To put your mind at ease, all of HPA's courses come with a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in purchasing.
05:59 If you decide the course isn't right for you, or it didn't cover what you expected, simply let us know, and we'll refund your money.
06:07 So that you can get a better idea of what becoming an HPA member looks like, and how the courses can help you, let's have a quick tour of the website now.
06:18 To get a better idea of what it looks like to be a member of High Performance Academy, we're going to take a quick tour of the website and I'm going to show you some of the features of the website.
06:27 We'll have a look at a course and see how that's laid out, and then we're also going to have a look at the forum as well as the webinar, so let's get started.
06:37 Our website is www.hpacademy.com, and if we're a member, we can click on the member login and that will actually log us straight into the website, and we'll be able to get access to all of our own specific course material, any material we own.
06:54 We can find that by going to the "My Dashboard" button, and that's going to show us the courses we own.
07:02 We can click on the "My Courses" button here, and that will show us access straight away to the courses that we own.
07:10 So let's have a look for a start at our practical dyno tuning course.
07:14 When we click on "View Modules" that's going to take us to the modules of that particular course.
07:20 Now all of our courses are provided via high-quality video modules, and we break the course down into small bite-size modules that are easy to watch and easy to understand.
07:33 So you can see that that's exactly how they're laid out here.
07:37 We lay them out in sensible component form.
07:40 So you can see here we've got a section on ECU Configuration and Testing, and within that module we have sub-modules that cover certain aspects, such as in this case, Input Setup and Testing.
07:54 Now if we want to watch a particular module, we can simply click on it, and that video will load up.
08:00 Now most of the videos are between about two and ten minutes in length.
08:04 And once the video is loaded we can simply press play, and the video module will start playing.
08:11 We can also view in full screen.
08:13 Now because it's separated into these individual modules, it makes it very easy when we're actually in the car performing tuning jobs to focus on specific areas that we need to revisit and understand.
08:26 Now if we do have any questions on a particular module that you've watched, if we scroll down, we're going to find that we have a question form being displayed at the bottom.
08:36 So we can simply type in a question about that module, and that will be posted into the forum, where I can answer it, or other members can answer it.
08:46 And this means that any of your questions will be posted in the forum so other members can also benefit from the discussion.
08:53 So that's how our courses work.
08:56 Now let's move into our forum, we can find that by clicking on the "Forum" button.
09:00 This is a very busy forum, we've got around about 3,000 members posting in this forum, and we've separated the forum into general tuning discussion which we can find here.
09:12 We've also got our own specific course-related topics, which we can find at the lower section, so this is where we can ask specific questions relating to any of our courses.
09:24 So if jump into our general tuning discussion, you can see that it's setup much like any other forum, and you're going to be able to ask and get answers to your specific tuning questions in this forum.
09:37 I'm in there daily as well as all of our other members, we've got other professional tuners in here answering questions as well as thousands of enthusiasts from all around the world.
09:49 Right now let's have a look at our webinars, again we can find that by clicking on the "Webinar" button.
09:55 First of all, we can see we've got a list of our upcoming webinars, so this shows a list of what we've already got scheduled.
10:03 You can see the date and time for each of these webinars, and if you're interested in any of the upcoming webinars, you can click on the little alarm bell here, and this will add a reminder so you're going to get an email reminder before this particular webinar airs.
10:21 This makes sure that you don't miss out.
10:23 However, we know that the timezones aren't going to work for everyone, and we have students in countries all around the world.
10:30 So, if you can't watch live, in that case you can always go to our archive of previous webinars.
10:37 And we have at the moment 84 archived webinars, that's over 84 hours of existing content, and this is being added to literally every week.
10:49 And this is one of the best resources for improving and advancing your tuning knowledge.
10:54 There is a huge amount of information here, we cover various tuning platforms, both reflashing and stand-alone ECUs, and in each of these webinars that runs for around about an hour, we're going to talk about one specific tuning topic, and we're going to go into detail on it.
11:11 Now, we're generally broadcasting our webinar lessons from our dyno.
11:16 You've got the benefit of being able to see my laptop screen as well as our dyno screen while we're performing the webinar lessons, so you can see exactly what's going on, you can see the changes I'm making on the laptop screen, and you can instantly see the results on the dyno.
11:32 So this is a quick tour of the High Performance Academy website, and a little taste of what it's like to become a member.

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