Data Analysis Fundamentals

Go Faster With Data, Not Opinions.

To become a better driver, get faster lap times and constantly progress your driving skills you’ll need to know how to use a datalogger and understand the information it gives you.

This course will teach you the entire process from complete basics all the way through to more detailed techniques and tactics which will allow you to confidently analyse your logged data.

Who Is This Course For:

  • Casual Track Day Attendees
  • Club Level Racers
  • Crew / Engineers
  • Total Beginners
  • Those looking for a future career in professional motorsport

What Logging Systems Does it Apply To: 

In short - All of them. The course is delivered in a way to make it generically applicable to any car or logging package, however, we will have a library of worked examples available that will continue to be added to over time that will show the HPA 6 step process being applied from start to finish to a range of different cars and logging systems.

In the course, we work with MoTeC, Aim Sport, Race Logic / V Box and more. 

Included 1-on-1 Support via the Forum

This course includes 3 months of support in the members-only support forum. In this forum, you will be able to get quick and reliable answers direct from the tutor. You’ll also get access to regular live webinar lessons that focus on key aspects of car setup, data analysis and race driving. If you can’t watch live then you can rewatch these webinars in the archive.

What you will learn
  • How to Choose & Use a Logger
  • The Core Datalogging Fundamentals
  • Using a Reference Lap
  • Setting Up Track Maps & Sectors
  • To Review Data and Improve Your Driving
  • The HPA 6 Step Data Analysis Process

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