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Data Analysis Fundamentals: 4. Analyse Engine Health

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4. Analyse Engine Health


00:00 - While the focus of this course is on driver performance, as we've discussed already, no amount of driver skill is going to make up for a blown engine.
00:09 So we always want to start our analysis by having a quick look over the engine's vital signs.
00:15 Of course this isn't going to be possible if you have no way of logging some engine data which is likely to be the case if you're using a portable logger such as the AiM Solo 2.
00:25 It is getting easier than ever to get this data into your logging device though, either via OBD2 or CAN and the benefits are well worthwhile.
00:35 Since you're possibly going to be analysing a large amount of data, we want to be able to do this in a time efficient manner and as we discussed within the body of the course, a channel report is one of the quickest ways of doing this.
00:48 You can check the practical skills section of the course for detailed information on setting these up.
00:54 The typical channels we want to analyse are covered in detail in the engine health section of this course along with some guidelines as to what we should be looking for so I'd suggest checking back there to refresh your memory.