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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 4: Analyse Engine Health

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Step 4: Analyse Engine Health


00:00 - Step 4 in the 6 step process is to first go through and analyse our reliability channels.
00:05 So primarily that's usually going to be things like engine parameters like oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, transmission parameters if you've got them as well.
00:14 This is just to make sure that regardless of how good the performance is, we know that the car is operating safely and it's going to keep operating safely.
00:23 So in this particular system we don't actually have any reliability going into the VBOX.
00:27 As I said before, we haven't got it connected to the CAN bus or any external sensors, we're only logging the basic sensors that the system has onboard.
00:34 One of the other limitations of the VBOX is that while you can plot any external parameters like temperatures and pressures that you might be logging on a time/distance plot, you don't have the ability to plot things as a report table which in my experience is the quickest way to go through and check if you've got any reliability issues, it can summarise everything for you without having to pour through all the data.
00:57 So absolutely the VBOX is capable of analysing reliability data.