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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 2: Set Reference Lap

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Step 2: Set Reference Lap


00:00 - Step 2 of the 6 step process is to set our reference lap.
00:04 Like I talked about in the introduction, we got a local professional driver to get in our car and set that lap for us.
00:11 The reason it's so important to have someone that can exploit the car so fully is it means it's going to make the differences between our driving and their driving as obvious as possible and that just makes the data analysis a little bit easier, it gives us a better target to go for.
00:24 The data that we recorded that we're going to look at today was all recorded on the same day, the same car, on the same track obviously, the same tyres and the same fuel load.
00:35 Now it's really important to try and keep as many of these things as constant as possible.
00:39 Obviously to keep things practical it's not really possible usually to keep everything exactly the same, obviously it was the same tyre set so one tyre set, we maybe had slightly less life in it than the other but really it's not a big difference, particularly when you're considering the skill level between the typical amateur and the typical pro that's in the car.
00:59 The lap time difference between the two drivers is about 1.2 seconds so that's enough for us to find some significant gains in the driving.
01:07 Ideally like I said, you want the time difference to be as large as possible because it makes finding those gains or those differences easier to find but certainly 1.2 seconds is what I would consider a pretty significant difference in lap time so there'll be plenty to dig into in this section.

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