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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Rolling Minimum and Eclectic Lap Time

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Rolling Minimum and Eclectic Lap Time


00:00 - We've already discussed that generating a track map is a powerful way of visualising exactly where on the track the car was for a specific section of data.
00:10 Once the track is broken up into sectors, this then allows you to analyse a track report which will list your fastest time through each particular sector of the track for each lap.
00:22 This can be a powerful way of analysing multiple laps quickly and also provides two further metrics which we can use to analyse our lap times.
00:30 The rolling minimum lap time and the eclectic lap time.
00:34 Rolling minimum is simply the fastest consecutive lap time you drove during a session but not necessarily across the start/ finish line.
00:42 Maybe you were on a flying lap and caught a slower car in the final corner which ruined your lap time, the rolling minimum will show your fastest lap time from the entry to the final corner through an entire lap up to the point where you caught the traffic.
00:56 It's a real lap that you genuinely drove but it's just not across the start/finish line.
01:00 The eclectic lap time is a little more complex and it can be misleading when it's not properly understood.
01:07 The eclectic lap time is simply the sum of all of your fastest sector times from that session.
01:13 On this basis, you should consider the eclectic lap time a theoretical fastest lap.
01:18 However it's not quite that simple.
01:21 You can easily generate a very fast sector down a straight by simply braking too late without any hope of getting through the next corner.
01:28 Your sector time for the straight is faster but your sector time through the corner would be terrible.
01:34 In this way the eclectic lap time can easily represent a theoretical lap time that you've got no hope of achieving.
01:40 The eclectic lap time becomes more unrealistic as we break the track up into more and more sectors so it's worth considering how to deal with this.
01:49 This is a situation where less can in fact be more and generally breaking a track down to between 4 and 7 sectors allows a more intelligent analysis of sector times and an eclectic lap time that's more meaningful.
02:03 Understandably a shorter track would use less sectors than a longer track and a bit of common sense needs to be applied.
02:09 Furthermore you'll find that your eclectic lap times will be affected by the position where the sector starts and finishes.
02:16 Placing these points in the middle of a turn or between a series of turns leads to more potential for inconsistencies.
02:24 Placing these points in the middle of a longer straight however will give you more useful data that you can rely on.