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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 4: Analyse Engine Health

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Step 4: Analyse Engine Health


00:00 - Step 4 is all about analysing our powertrain health.
00:03 Now in this particular setup, we weren't logging any powertrain parameters so there's actually nothing for us to analyse in this particular worked example.
00:11 Like I talked about earlier in the configuration section of this worked example, we do have the ability to bring in external information from the onboard diagnostics port.
00:20 That's not something we were using in this case however if you were, you would have the ability to go ahead and look at things like temperatures and pressures or any other information that you have available.
00:30 Obviously that's going to depend on your specific car, your specific model as to which information is actually available.
00:36 One of the limitations of using an app like this is we're not really going to have the visualisation tools we're used to when we are looking at a fully featured piece of software so what I mean is we're just going to be looking at things like raw numbers, we're going to be looking at squiggly lines on a chart.
00:52 Now these are great for looking at performance aspects but often when we want to look at reliability channels, we're going to be more interested in looking to summarise things into maximum and minimum report tables which is something obviously we went through in the course.
01:05 Now both in terms of looking at everything on the phone itself and on the external software we're looking at, neither of those have the ability to look at things in terms of report tables.
01:16 So that kind of takes that off the table as far as looking at reliability.