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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Video

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00:00 - While the data alone can tell you a lot about what's going on out on the racetrack, it can often also be a little misleading without a full understanding of what was happening outside the car at a particular point on track.
00:14 For example, when viewing the data alone it may appear as if the driver was lifting out of the throttle at a place where they should have been flat or perhaps braking much earlier than is necessary into a given corner, affecting their lap time.
00:28 While of course thees may be driving issues, what we can't see from the data alone is that these situations may be caused by catching lap traffic or potentially needing to defend a car that's trying to put in a pass.
00:41 Both situations may require unusual lines or manoeuvres that aren't condusive to getting the best lap time possible.
00:49 However this is what we can expect to occur throughout the course of a race.
00:53 This is where adding video to your log data really completes the picture and allows a more thorough understanding of the lap performance.
01:01 In other words, it adds context to the data and it allows it to be analysed based on what was happening at the time.
01:08 Even aside from other traffic, being able to see accurately where the driver is locating the car on the track can be invaluable when learning the correct lines.
01:18 Particularly when you're able to compare your video to a professional driver in your car or even YouTube videos of professional drivers at the same track.
01:27 Adding video to your data has become easier as data analysis packages have become more widely available however it's not something that every logging system will offer and it understandably comes at an expense.
01:41 What this means is that you need to consider if video is something that's in your budget and if so, make sure that you're purchasing a logging system that's video compatible.
01:50 With the rising popularity of high definition cameras from the likes of GoPro, Sony and DJI, the cost of this sort of equipment has dropped considerably.
02:00 However it can be tricky to properly integrate the video files from these sorts of devices with your data.
02:07 In particular, synchronising the log file with the video data, can be difficult if you're doing it manually.
02:13 For this reason, I'd recommend looking at a logging system that offers integrated video such as AiM Sport's SmartyCam system, MoTeC Video Capture system or the Video VBOX system.
02:25 In some instances, multiple cameras can be incorporated in which case it can be useful to have one camera angle showing what the driver is seeing through the front screen and another angle showing the pedals so you can see how the driver is using the brakes, throttle and clutch pedals.