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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 2: Set Reference Lap

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Step 2: Set Reference Lap


00:00 - The next step is to configure the reference lap.
00:02 Now the reference lap that we're going to use today, as I said before, both of the pieces of data we're going to use are from amateur drivers, one is just from a much more experienced driver and one is from someone, the slower lap is from someone who's less experienced driving this car at this circuit.
00:16 So as we talked about before, this AiM unit has the ability to show a time delta value in real time to the driver relative to the reference lap and the reference lap can be either the best lap time of the current run or it can be the best lap time of the day.
00:32 So you've got the option to configure that within the logger and the easiest place to do that is actually using the buttons on the front of the logger and that is a really easy process to go through and do.
00:41 As always when it comes to comparing two separate laps together, we do need to make sure that the car configuration is as similar as possible.
00:47 So for our particular case, we've got the same track, the same tyre set, the same fuel load, the same car setup.
00:54 It is really important to make sure we keep as many of those things constant as practical.
00:58 Obviously in some cases it's not always going to be the case but particularly for our case today where we've got a number of seconds difference between the two pieces of data, we don't have to be too concerned about having everything exactly the same.