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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Finding GPS Coordinates

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Finding GPS Coordinates


00:00 - If you're using GPS for your lap trigger, the logger's going to need the coordinates of the start/finish line.
00:05 The logger is going to use these coordinates to determine when you start and finish each lap.
00:10 When you get these coordinates, you'll want to be standing in the middle of the start/finish line.
00:14 The reason we start in the middle is because the logger actually uses a detection radius around the point that you measure.
00:20 The purpose of the detection radius is that it gives you some float over your position on track to allow the lap trigger to still be triggered.
00:27 When it comes time to choose that radius, you want to make sure that it encompasses the full width of the track.
00:33 That means that regardless of which position you are on track, the car will trigger the lap trigger.
00:38 You do need to be careful when choosing the size of that radius.
00:40 It's fine to make it large but if you make it too much larger, it will end up picking up other sections of the track.
00:47 For example if you've got a section of track that passes the opposite direction of the start/finish line, relatively close to the start/finish line, if you make it too large, that detection radius will mean as the car comes through that other part of the track, it can make a fake lap trigger.