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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 6: Apply Changes

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Step 6: Apply Changes


00:00 - Step 6 is to apply the changes, get back out on track and apply what you've learned from what you've seen in the data.
00:07 You really just want to concentrate on the two or three biggest losses that you found in the data, regardless of whether you're doing that on the phone or whether you're doing that with the laptop.
00:15 Just keep those two or three things in your head as you head around the track.
00:18 It's a problem when you try and do too much at once, you're unlikely to be able to make as much progress as just concentrating on fewer number of things but trying to get them right.
00:29 If I'm working in an engineering role, one of the things I find quite helpful is to get the driver to repeat back to me the things we're going to work on on that lap.
00:36 So usually the way it works is they'll get out of the car, we'll go through the data, we'll find those two or three different spots we want to work on, we'll discuss what they need to do differently there, whether it's carrying more entry speed, whether it's carrying more speed through the corner, whether it's getting on the throttle more aggressively at the exit.
00:51 Then once they're strapped in back in the car and they're ready to go on that next run, I usually get them to repeat them back to me.
00:57 I do that just to make sure that things are cemented in their head and they've got a really clear idea of what they're going to go and work on.
01:03 That's really important because I think particularly in a race weekend environment, tensions are running high, people can be really highly strung, it's really easy to get distracted by different things so you really just want to centre them and bring them back to those things we're going to work on on track for this run.
01:18 Now at this point we're ready to repeat this process over and over again.
01:22 Go out on track, apply the things that you've learned, come back, look at the data, compare it to your reference lap, whatever your reference is and rinse and repeat over and over until you're honing down your lap speed, until you're getting as close as possible to the pro.
01:37 Now this process, this 6 step process that we've gone through is really going to be the same regardless of the logger system you are using.