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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Data Management

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Data Management


00:00 - As we mentioned earlier in the course, having well organised data management is really crucial to be able to make use of your log data in future.
00:08 It's really easy to get into bad habits which can make it really difficult to track down your logged historic data.
00:14 Unfortunately it's something I see quite a lot when people don't organise their data well and it makes it really difficult to go back and make use of all of that historical log data.
00:23 Each logging and analysis system is going to be a little bit different in how it stores the log data by default.
00:28 Often you'll have a bit of choice and flexibility so you can define this for yourself but I'm just going to take you through the default way that MoTeC deals with this.
00:35 Opening up the dash manager tool which is what you'll usually be using to download the car if you're using a MoTeC system.
00:41 If I go to the details section here, this brings up a datalog which gives us some information we can input about that log file to help us be useful in future and also the logging directory.
00:53 So to start with I just want to go through the organisation here.
00:57 So that's, I've got some information here about the event, so the event that we're at, the track that that's at and the date that we were running on as well.
01:05 So that's going to be the top level of our organised file structure for this set of log files.
01:11 Here I've got some information about the session which is going to be interesting and useful when we review later.
01:16 And also I tend to keep track of each individual download, what I mean by that is each time the car goes out on track and comes back in, I download the car at the end of each run.
01:25 That means that each run is completely separate and its own log file which can make it a lot easier to manage separate files.
01:32 So each time the car comes in, I typically increment that download number by one.
01:36 So the first download I do for the weekend will be download 1, the second run will be download 2 and that keeps incrementing up throughout the race weekend.
01:43 And here in MoTeC, and this is typical of a lot of logging systems, there's usually a place to put some long comments.
01:50 So that's something we talked about a little bit in the course which was if you want to make some notes, which in this case I've made some notes about how the setup's changed for this run.
01:59 In this case I've talked about a spring change we did in the car and I've just made some notes there about what the driver feedback was for that change.
02:05 Down here we've got the default logging directory, or at least the first part anyway is the default logging directory that MoTeC will use and that's also what I make use of in this computer.
02:16 Here this is how I've got the hierarchy organised so I separate first by the track that I'm at and then by the year and then by the event.
02:26 So if you come in here you do have the ability to modify that.
02:30 And this is something you would typically do at the start of a race weekend.
02:33 You would come here and make sure all the details are correct and you would modify your logging directory.
02:39 So if I was going to be moving onto a new track for the next event, I would simply be modifying this field and I would update the event here and any relevant notes to the configuration of the circuit.
02:52 This is also the place in MoTeC anyway where you can modify your GPS coordinates if you need to, if it needs to be done manually.
02:58 So I just want to take a look in my actual computer where that log data is stored and this is something that's really important to get familiar with in order to make it easier to find these files, particularly if you're sharing files with people or wanting to set up an automatic sync service, you really need to be able to find these files quickly and easily.
03:14 So by default MoTeC is in C drive, MoTeC, log data, and here if I go to Highlands and 2018 for example, I've got all my folders organised in order here and this makes it really clear and easy to find old data if I want to go back and refer to it.