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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 2: Set Reference Lap

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Step 2: Set Reference Lap


00:00 - Step 2 is to go ahead and set the reference lap.
00:03 Now we talked about it at length inside the course, just talking about how useful it is to have a high quality reference lap ideally from a professional driver.
00:11 That's what we've used for this worked example where we took the car to the track, we got our amateur to drive it and then we also got the pro to jump in the car and set a lap time for us.
00:19 Now that lap time is approximately two seconds faster than the best lap time from the amateur so that's certainly a big enough gap for us to go ahead and start learning some things about the way the car's driven and hopefully find some easy gains for our amateur.
00:33 As we talked about in the course, it's really important to have the car set as identically as is practical between both of those different drivers.
00:41 So for our case we've obviously got the same tyre set on the car, it's the same day, it's one driver drove it in the morning and the other driver jumped in it straight away with no time lag so the track conditions and everything were exactly the same.
00:55 We topped up the fuel between them so they actually started with the same fuel load as well.
00:59 So obviously some things aren't going to be practical to keep the same, unless you've got huge budget you're always going to be, you're usually going to be running on the same tyre set between the two different drivers but you just need to keep things as close as is practical for you.
01:12 Now one of the limitations of this particular app is that we can't actually put the reference lap into the phone when the amateur's back in the car to use as a reference.
01:19 The way it works is it's always showing you the prediction or the reference relative to the fastest run of that particular session.