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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Engine Speed

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Engine Speed


00:00 - Adding in a channel that displays engine speed or RPM is not strictly necessary to analyse driver performance.
00:07 However it can be beneficial for analyising aspects such as your gearing and how well suited it is to the minimum and maximum speeds at a given track.
00:17 We can also analyse how closely the driver is shifting to the shift lights, analysing the driver's shifting performance as well as his or her ability to accurately rev match on the downshifts.
00:29 The RPM trace is also a good indicator of wheel spin.
00:32 Getting engine speed data requires a sensor that can monitor a tooth wheel, generally fitted to the crankshaft or camshaft and calibrated within the datalogger so that the logger knows how many teeth are on the wheel and the relationship between the rotation speed of the wheel and the engine.
00:49 For example if you're taking this information from the camshaft or a distributor then this wheel will rotate at half the engine speed so that output needs to be doubled to be accurate.
01:00 Another option for getting engine speed data into your datalogger is to use an inductive clamp around an ignition lead or alternatively a pulse from the ignition system or a fuel injector.
01:10 This is an easier solution as it doesn't require adaption of a toothed wheel to the crankshaft however it can give inaccurate information if you're using an ECU that utilises the ignition or fuel cut for rev limiting or a gear cut control.
01:25 Fortunately any engine that uses electronic fuel injection will require an accurate RPM signal for the ECU to be able to do its job properly and with most modern ECUs, this information will be transmitted on the CAN bus to your datalogger.

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