MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

Motec’s new M1 series of ECUs represents a significant departure from their previous range of ECUs. For those tuners transitioning to the M1 platform, this represents a significant learning curve to get familiar with the capabilities of the M1 ECU, as well as how to navigate and use M1 Tune to speed up your tuning. In addition the M1 now employs a Volumetric Efficiency or VE fuel model which requires a slightly different approach when tuning the ECU.

HPA’s M1 Software Tutorial will get you up to speed with the M1 ECU quickly, saving you time and ensuring you have a solid, step by step process to deal with any M1 tuning project. This will make sure you get the most out of your M1 ECU and that you don’t overlook any critical steps during the configuration process.

This course is not a ‘how to tune’ course, and assumes a familiarity with typical tuning concepts already.

What you will learn
  • How the M1 VE-based fuel model works
  • The correct approach to tuning the M1
  • How to configure the M1 to suit your engine and fuel
  • How to use datalogging to speed up your tuning
  • How to configure DBW, boost control, cam control and driver switching
  • How to configure the M1 to suit a specific trigger pattern

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