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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Package Specific Help

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Package Specific Help


00:00 Given the flexibility of M1 Tune and the different packages that you may be faced with, access to a quality help file is important, and Tune offers a number of ways to access this help.
00:12 Particularly in some of the setup worksheets, you will see that context specific help is displayed right there on the worksheet.
00:20 This help box will change as you click on different parameters to always give you help that is relevant to what you are trying to do.
00:29 You can also get context specific help from any worksheet by selecting the parameter you need help with and pressing the ‘F1’ key.
00:38 A Help panel will fly out from the right hand side of the screen.
00:42 You can choose to pin this to the screen so it is permanently visible.
00:47 Now selecting different parameters will change the help displayed accordingly.
00:51 You can also access help files through the help drop down menu.
00:56 Package Context Help will achieve the same as what we have just discussed.
01:01 Package Help will give you a complete help file that you can navigate or search through to find a specific area of interest.

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