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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: GPA, GPR and Application Specific Packages

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GPA, GPR and Application Specific Packages


00:00 One of the fundamental changes with the M1 ECU is the introduction of packages.
00:05 A package is the firmware that the ECU runs which tells it what functions to implement and how to deal with the input and output resources.
00:15 At this point a number of application specific packages have been released which are designed to be a total replacement for the factory ECU in the likes of Nissan’s R35 GTR or Sea-Doo’s personal watercraft for example.
00:31 These packages replicate all of the functionality of the stock ECU as well as replicating the factory CAN communication stream to keep the rest of the vehicle systems functioning correctly.
00:43 To allow the M1 to be used on a wider range of engines and applications, two versatile packages are available.
00:51 These are the GPA or General Purpose Automotive, and the GPR or General Purpose Race.
00:58 These packages are comparable to the older hundred series ECUs that the M1 supersedes.
01:05 It’s worth noting here that currently the GPA and GPR packages are not suitable for multi throttle turbo or supercharged engines that require 4D compensation for fuel delivery.
01:18 While beyond the scope of this particular course, MoTeC also offer a development ECU for those wishing to produce their own bespoke ECU solutions for vehicles or engines with no current aftermarket support.
01:33 A development ECU works in conjunction with MoTeC’s Build software package to allow the firmware to be tailored to function however you would like.
01:43 This particular course will deal specifically with the GPA package, although you will find that most of the concepts as well as the tuning techniques will be applicable to the application specific packages too.

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