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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Changing Injectors

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Changing Injectors


00:00 One of the common jobs that we will come across is adjusting a calibration to suit a different set of fuel injectors.
00:07 Traditionally this involves changing the injectors and then re-tuning the engine, or at a minimum making some kind of adjustments to the existing fuel maps to suit the new injectors.
00:18 The M1 makes this task quick and easy, and if your calibration has been performed accurately then there will be no need to adjust the efficiency map.
00:27 There are a couple of ways we can change the injector data and we will look at these in this module.
00:33 The first method we will look at is importing the new fuel injector configuration and to do this you will need a suitable fuel injector calibration file with the dot M1CAL extension.
00:45 These files can be supplied by MoTeC, or alternatively some injector suppliers such as Injector Dynamics have M1 calibration data available directly from their website.
00:56 To install the new injector calibration, all we need to do is go to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Import Configuration’.
01:04 Now simply select the injector calibration file and the data will be changed.
01:10 You can see a results box will pop up and confirm that the changes were successful.
01:15 Importing a configuration like this will instantly adjust all the injector parameters including the injector type, injector current, linearisation tables, the reference flow, reference pressure and the minimum flow values.
01:30 Another way we can achieve the same aim is to use the migrate function to copy across the injector data from another calibration that is already configured for the injectors you are installing.
01:41 To do this, we start by opening the package we wish to modify.
01:45 Now we can go to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Add Compare Package’.
01:51 Now we need to find the package with the injector data we want to use, and select this.
01:57 When M1 Tune is in compare mode, each table will show the difference in calibration details between the two packages.
02:04 We can also see Tune telling us that compare mode is on, and of course we can see the source package and the compare package here too.
02:14 If we now go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Migrate Data’, we can choose to copy across data from the compare file.
02:21 Any time there is a difference between the two files, we will see the parameter highlighted in red.
02:27 We can also display only the differences by selecting the ‘diffs’ button here.
02:34 To display the data relevant to the fuel injectors, I’m going to type ‘Injector’ in the search bar and now this is all that is displayed.
02:42 You can see that the parameters for all 12 injectors are different.
02:47 If you want to view the calibration tables to make sure the data is what you want to copy, you can click on the ‘Data’ tab here at the bottom of the window.
02:56 There are a couple of options that we can use to copy the new data across.
03:01 One option is to double click on the parameter.
03:04 We can see that when we do this, the parameter disappears from view as there is no longer a difference.
03:10 Clicking on the ‘Diffs’ button again will bring these parameters back into view.
03:15 We can also drag and drop the data.
03:18 If you click on the data you want to copy and hold the left mouse button down, we can just drag it across to our source package.
03:26 As we do this, you can see it turn green and if we release the mouse button, the data is copied and both the source and compare data is displayed in green, showing that it has been successfully copied.
03:38 We can repeat this process for each parameter, but the quicker way to do this is to drag the entire ‘Fuel’ parameter across.
03:46 This will copy everything related to the injectors from the compare package into our source package.
03:53 When you are done, you can close the migrate window, close the compare package and from the ‘File’ menu save your new package with an appropriate name.
04:02 While the fuel model in the M1 should ensure that the fuel mixture remains accurate after changing injectors, it is still recommended to check and confirm the tune is still where you want it.

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