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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: M1 Archive Files

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M1 Archive Files


00:00 With the M1, MoTeC have introduced a new way of adding or sharing packages and files.
00:05 This is done with M1 archive files.
00:09 These files can be thought of like a self extracting zip file that includes all of the files as well as the directory structure required.
00:18 This means we don’t need to manually locate or distribute files to the correct location, and makes adding a new package or sharing a package quick and easy.
00:28 A common example of the M1 archive you will come across frequently is the M1 package archive which is designated by the file extension .m1pkg-archive This is the M1 archive file you will download from MoTeC when downloading a new package.
00:47 If you want to share your current package with other tuners or move it to another location, this can be done by using the ‘Export As’ Option from the ‘File’ drop down menu.
00:58 If you need to email a package to another tuner or to MoTeC for support, this can now be done quickly and easily by selecting the ‘Export Mail’ option from the Open Package window.
01:10 This requires that you have an email program installed and configured correctly.
01:15 If you want to import a new archive file, there are two options.
01:20 The easiest way is to just double click the icon after downloading it.
01:25 This will automatically extract and install the relevant files to the correct location.
01:31 Following this you can open the new package as normal from the ‘Open Package’ window.
01:37 Alternatively you can select the ‘Import’ button from the Open Package window and select the relevant archive package.
01:45 This will achieve the same aim.

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