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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Package Wiring

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Package Wiring


00:00 With so much flexibility in the way we can configure the M1 ECU, it’s important to keep track of the wiring information so that we can quickly and easily reference where a specific input is wired to on the ECU.
00:13 M1 Tune actually makes this really easy by keeping an up to date file of all the input and output resources that is automatically updated any time you make a configuration change to any of the input or output resources.
00:28 This way you know you are always working from an accurate wiring diagram.
00:33 You can view the Package Wiring sheet by selecting ‘Package Wiring’ from the Help menu here.
00:39 This shows a pin list, the abbreviation for the particular pin, it’s name and finally what the resource has been configured for.

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