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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: VE-Based Fuel Model

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VE-Based Fuel Model


00:00 A VE based fuel model, unlike a millisecond based fuel model actually defines the engine’s volumetric efficiency, or how effectively it is able to fill its cylinders with air at each combination of RPM and load.
00:14 Using this type of fuel model, the ECU is calculating the actual mass of air entering the engine and this gives the ECU a lot more control over the fuel delivery as we will see.
00:26 With a VE-based fuel model, the ECU starts by looking at manifold pressure, ambient pressure and engine speed to define where in the efficiency table the engine is operating.
00:37 Once it knows the engine efficiency, the ECU then takes looks at the engine displacement and number of cylinders to calculate the mass of air entering the engine.
00:48 The next step is to look at the mixture aim table for the desired air fuel ratio.
00:54 Now using the stoichiometric AFR and density of the particular fuel, the ECU can calculate the required fuel volume to achieve the desired air fuel ratio.
01:05 Lastly the ECU will look at the injector linearisation tables to decide on the final injector pulsewidth.
01:12 With a VE based fuel model, we are tuning the efficiency table rather than the fuel table.
01:18 This efficiency table will have a similar shape to the fuel table in a conventional millisecond based fuel model, but with numbers slightly higher than 100 around the area of peak torque.
01:31 The shape of the efficiency table however will be unaffected by fuel pressure or desired air fuel ratio.
01:38 With a VE based fuel model, changing the injectors or fuel pressure requires these new parameters to be entered correctly, but once this is done, the tune will not be effected.

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