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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Connecting to an ECU

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Connecting to an ECU


00:00 One of the first tasks you are usually going to want to do after opening M1 Tune, is to connect to an ECU.
00:07 When you open the software, the quick launch fly-out will pop out from the left hand side of the screen to speed up the process.
00:15 Here you have a number of options including opening an existing package for offline editing.
00:21 Right now though we are going to look at connecting to an ECU live.
00:25 If an ECU is connected via ethernet and powered up, it’s icon will appear here near the top of the window.
00:33 If you have more than one ECU connected, they will all be visible here and we can chose the one we wish to open by clicking on it.
00:40 If no ECU is connected, you will get a red message telling you that no devices are available.
00:46 If you believe that you have connected the ECU correctly and it is powered up, you may need to check your antivirus firewall settings.
00:57 When you click on the ECU, M1 Tune will load the package and configure the layout to display the relevant data.
01:05 You can see in the top left corner of the screen a green icon that says ‘Connected’.
01:11 This lets you know that you are live with the ECU and Tune is displaying live data.
01:17 If you aren’t currently connected to an ECU, this icon will be orange and display the message ‘NOT Connected’.
01:25 While the quick-launch flyout is a fast and easy way to connect to an ECU, we can also achieve the same job by using the ‘Open ECU’ icon here, or using the keyboard shortcut F8. This will open a window showing any ECUs currently connected.
01:44 We can then select the ECU and press OK to connect.

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