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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Testing Outputs

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Testing Outputs


00:01 With any fresh ECU installation, it’s important to check the outputs that you have set up to confirm the operation is as expected.
00:09 This can highlight problems with either your wiring, or the configuration in the ECU.
00:15 Through the course of this module you will have already seen that a number of the worksheets contain a test output function to allow us to simulate a running engine and then select any output we are interested in testing.
00:27 You can access this function from the worksheets we have already looked at or alternatively you can head to the ‘All Calibrate’ worksheet and type in ‘Test Output’ in the search box.
00:39 If you are using this function, it’s important to be careful with the output you select.
00:44 We have the ability to select ‘test all’ which simply put will actuate each of the configured outputs as if the engine was running at the test RPM.
00:53 This may end up with both the injection and ignition system running simultaneously which may be dangerous in some circumstances.
01:01 I prefer to test each individual output one at a time.
01:06 It is also important to make sure you set the Test RPM back to 0 once you have completed any testing.
01:13 If you forget to do this, the ECU will remain in test mode and won’t allow the engine to start and run.
01:20 This is a common mistake and can cause a lot of frustration and wasted time.
01:26 So this brings us to the end of our ‘Initial Setup’ workbook, and by now we have covered most of the critical parameters necessary to get a freshly installed M1 setup and ready to run.
01:38 You can see that if we follow through the various worksheets in a logical order, we will make sure that all of the required parameters are correctly configured and this makes sure you don’t overlook anything.
01:50 You will have noticed that we also have a further workbook labelled ‘Initial Setup 2’.
01:56 This workbook deals with some of the more advanced functions that won’t be needed for every engine or installation.
02:02 We will cover this further through the course but to first we are going to move on and look at how we can approach tuning the M1.

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