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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Channel Names

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Channel Names


00:00 Another fundamental change for users familiar with MoTeC’s hundred series ECUs, is that many of the channel names have been changed.
00:08 With the potential for a much higher number of individual channels in the M1, its important to use channel names to clearly describe the particular channel and avoid confusion with channels performing a similar function.
00:22 What you will find is that the channel names may now may appear longer and overly descriptive, but this helps clearly define exactly what the channel does, as well as moving the M1 to match commonly accepted naming conventions adopted by automotive manufacturers.
00:41 A simple example of this naming convention is inlet temperature.
00:45 In the M800, this channel was called ‘Inlet Air Temp’. In the M1 it is now called ‘Inlet Manifold Temperature’.
00:54 None of these new naming conventions should cause any real concern as they are very descriptive in the nature and designed to avoid confusion.
01:03 A file is attached with some examples of these changes.

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