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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Migrating Packages

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Migrating Packages


00:00 In the M1, migration refers to the process of copying tune data from one package to another.
00:07 There are a number of reasons you may need to do this, including changing injectors, or setting up a package for a customer.
00:15 One of most common reasons for data migration would be to copy your existing tune data onto a new version of firmware.
00:23 This will be necessary any time a firmware update is released for a specific package.
00:28 The new firmware will have blank maps and hence you will need to copy your existing data into these locations.
00:37 There are two methods for migrating your tune data.
00:39 The first is auto migration, and you will be prompted to do this when you update to a new firmware that generally matches your existing firmware.
00:50 Tune will take the values from your source package, and copy them across into the destination package.
00:56 This is relatively seamless and doesn’t need much input from the tuner.
01:03 You can also choose to migrate specific values from one package to another by using the compare function to select only the information you are interested in.
01:14 This is useful if you are changing injectors and have another package already configured with the injector type you are changing too.
01:22 In this case you can migrate just the injector characterisation data into your package.
01:28 Let’s look at the process now.
01:31 We start with the package we want to modify open.
01:35 Now from the ‘File’ menu we select ‘Add Compare Package’, and select the package with the data we want to migrate.
01:44 If we now select ‘Migrate Data’ from the ‘Tools’ drop down menu, a window will open showing all the parameters in the two packages.
01:53 Any selection that is highlighted in red shows that there is a difference.
01:57 We can use the ‘Diffs’ icon here to toggle a full view of all parameters or just any parameter that is different.
02:07 As usual we can use the search box to help refine our search.
02:11 In this case we are going to copy the injector data from the compare package to our source package so typing injector in the search box will show every parameter related to the injectors.
02:24 We can scroll through until we find the parameters we want to change.
02:28 You can see the data for the injectors displayed in a tree format and we can simply drag and drop the parameters that need to be swapped or just double click on them.
02:39 When we do this, the data turns green to show that it matches.
02:43 While we can migrate individual parameters, if we are swapping injectors, we can drag and drop all the injector data across in one go instead of individually.

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