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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Target

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00:00 When you are making tuning changes, particularly to either the Engine Efficiency table or the ignition tables, it is important to make sure that the engine is operating in the middle of the particular cell you want to tune.
00:13 This ensures that the ECU is not interpolating from the surrounding cells and helps improve the accuracy of your tuning.
00:21 While a cursor is visible any time the engine is running, to show where in the current table the ECU is accessing, this isn’t a perfectly accurate way to tell how close to the centre of a cell we are.
00:34 M1 Tune offers a ‘Target’ function to help improve your accuracy and let you know how close to the centre of the site the cursor is currently in, the engine is operating.
00:46 The aim is to make sure the target is as close to the centre as possible.
00:51 When we are close to the centre, the target will be green, letting us know that we can make tuning changes.
00:58 By default, the target may not be visible on all tuning pages, but if you want to display it, you can simply go to the ‘Component’ drop down menu, and select ‘Display’ and then ‘Show Target’. The target will now be visible on the graphical representation of the table.

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