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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Injector Characterisation

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Injector Characterisation


00:00 One requirement for a VE based fuel model to work correctly is that the ECU needs to accurately understand the injector flow, or how what pulsewidth is necessary to achieve a certain amount of fuel delivery.
00:13 Injector characterisation describes the process of defining the fuel flow through the injector as a function of injector pulsewidth.
00:22 Conventional ECUs usually incorporate a 2D table of injector battery compensation or deadtime as a function of battery voltage, or even a 3D table, adding the effect of fuel pressure.
00:35 The M1 takes this one step further to fully define the injector flow, specifically in the non linear area of an injectors operation that is prevalent at small pulse widths.
00:48 While full injector characterisation does give the most accurate control over the air fuel ratio, it does require accurate injector data in the first place.

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